Gourmet Garden Products Pickled Cauliflower Garden Mix
Fresh Garden Vegetables Grown in Michigan
Della Delights Gourmet Garden Products
Creating products that are great tasting and that people love!
My passion for gardening led me into canning about 10 years ago
I have always had a passion for food and the food industry.

Della's Gourmet Food Products

"Pickled garden mix is a sweet but tangy mix of cauliflower, zucchini, sweet peppers, carrots and onions"

Gourmet Pickled Garden Products

My Story

As a child I spent a lot of time in the summer months at my grandparents farm helping with the farm animals and chores in the garden. We picked fresh vegetables and fruits to preserve for the long winter months. I would help and watch my mom and grandma can all of the vegetables and fruits that were produced in the garden. Read More.....

Our Mission

To create products that are great tasting and that people love, but dont have all kinds of preservatives in them. I believe in growing my own produce during Michigans growing season and purchasing produce locally when the growing season is over. I use only organic fertilizer and dont use any pesticides in my garden. Read More......